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Perfect decor of wall - wall clocks


The wall Clock is a perfect decoration, and all kinds of wall clocks are very attractive. We often see it at home, although the way people watch time is mostly based on mobile phones, because it is convenient, but This Wall Clock has not been eliminated, mainly because it also has the role of decorating the home. Let's first take a look at what the wall clock is.


First, what are the wall clocks?

1, wall clock Daquan according to the timing mode (core components) classification, there are: mechanical clock, quartz clock, radio clock, atomic clock, etc., timing accuracy from low to high. The first three of them have been used for civilian purposes. The atomic species are currently used only in astronomy, aerospace, navigation and other fields because of the high cost.

2, wall clock Daquan is classified according to the mode of use, including: Desk Clock (ie clock), wall clock, floor clock, tower clock and so on.

3, wall clock Daquan according to the clock shell material classification, there are: plastic (also called plastic) clock, Wooden Clock, metal clock, glass clock, crystal clock, resin clock and so on.

Second, how to choose the living room wall clock

1, the quality of the living room decorative wall clock covers materials, workmanship (border grinding, surface printing, molding process, etc.) and several major aspects of the movement, of which the more important is the movement, the choice of the movement.

2, the purchase of living room decorative wall clock should pay special attention to the coordination of room style, space, lighting and personal preferences. Generally speaking, first determine the style of the wall clock, whether it is simple or colorful, whether it is avant-garde or retro, round or square, or the opposite sex style, try to choose some.

3, the general online high-end wall clocks are priced between 50 yuan -500 yuan. If you want to buy a wall clock of less than 70 bucks, the quality of the wall clock is generally not guaranteed. A good movement cost is almost close to 15-20 yuan and 50 yuan or less, there is almost no guarantee.


Third, the living room wall clock placed feng shui taboo

1, the living room wall clock avoids the inside

Let's take a look at the living room wall clock. The orientation of the living room wall clock should not be directed towards the living room, but it should be adjusted to the direction of the door or the balcony. The reason is that if there is no one in the living room, the airflow is still, so that the wall clock can make the airflow Exercise to increase the vitality of the living room.

2, the living room wall clock is in the middle of the door

However, although the direction of the wall clock is better toward the door, it is not suitable once it is in the middle of the living room facing the door. The reason is that the clock is homophonic as "final". If you look at the clock as soon as you enter the door, you will see the clock. It will feel unlucky, so it is better to hang the wall clock next to the door.

3, the living room wall clock bogey on the sofa

It is not advisable to hang the clock above the sofa. Otherwise, people who often sit in this position are prone to restlessness and the body is prone to problems. In addition, the color of the wall clock is preferably red, purple or red, and the shape is octagonal.

After the wall clock has been selected, there is no other place that needs our attention. For example, where is it placed? Some feng shui taboos have been mentioned for everyone. I hope that everyone can design their own wall clocks after understanding. For more exciting home improvement information, please continue to pay attention to the decoration home network.

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